• 16. - 19. January 2025
  • Messe Wien

Ferien-Messe Wien opens up new horizons 

The desire to travel remains strong. Package holidays, sustainability and the demand for bespoke offers tailored to individual traveller interests is as great as ever. This was clearly demonstrated ahead of the tourist season – at the Vienna Ferien-Messe holiday fair. On the 14th to 17th March, in excess of 450 exhibitors from 36 countries showcased an impressive variety of travel destinations and tourism trends. 36,624 visitors gathered inspiration from the local, national and far-away holiday destinations on display.

© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Emilia Schlögl

Austria's largest trade fair for holidays, travel and leisure again underlined its status as the platform serving all those seeking inspiration for their next holiday or leisure adventure. The results of the 2024 YouGov study on travel trends were presented at the start of the Ferien-Messe Wien by TUI Austria, revealing a growing desire among Austrians to travel. According to the report, sunny holidays on the beach and bathing in the ocean are still the most popular vacations for almost one in two people. This category was followed by city breaks, and by holidays in the mountains and the countryside. The popularity of these categories was also reflected in TUI’s booking trends. TUI was the trade fair’s official presenting partner for the first time this year. 

Speaking at the start of the Vienna Ferien-Messe, Gottfried Math, Managing Director of TUI Austria, said: “Travelling is a basic human need, and is seen as a special form of pleasure. We registered a great desire to travel, despite the economic and geopolitical challenges. It can be said that tourism is resilient, even in the face of a weakening economy and global crises.”

Highlights of this year's trade fair included presentations of a wide range of the world’s travel destinations, featuring exotic destinations such as Azerbaijan and the Philippines, excursions and leisure activities for the whole family all over Austria, all kinds of cruises – and lots more. Visitors had the opportunity to pick up advice from travel experts, to sample culinary delights from around the globe, try out e-bikes and sports activities, participate in competitions and discover exclusive offers.

Customers value sustainability

A major point of focus at this year's trade fair was environmental preservation. There was plenty of demand for – and supply of – sustainable travel and environmentally friendly holiday options. “The future of tourism will be significantly influenced by a variety of factors, particularly an increased focus on sustainability, advancing digitalisation and the growing trend towards individualised experiences,” affirmed Didi Tunkel, Managing Director of Burgenland Tourismus. “Now, 50% of travellers are requesting sustainable holiday options, and more than a third would be prepared to spend more money on them. At Österreich Werbung our response to this demand has been intensive,” stated Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, Managing Director of Österreich Werbung.

Strong demand for a personalised travel experience

The YouGov study also revealed increasing willingness to spend more money on additional services and holiday experiences, such as a room with a sea view or a hire car at the destination. Many visitors to the Vienna exhibition centre showed particular interest in customisable offerings. “The Ferien-Messe Wien clearly showed how the tourist market is increasingly diversifying its offerings to meet the many and varied needs and interests of travellers,” reported Ivo Sklenitzka, CEO of RX Austria, the organiser of the Ferien-Messe Wien.

Multiple highlights delight visitors 

Andreas Ott, Head of Operations at RX Austria with responsibility for the Ferien-Messe Wien, spoke enthusiastically about the success of the Ferien-Messe Wien: “I was impressed by the variety and quality of the tourism offers that we, our exhibitors, and our partners were able to put on show. An extensive programme on the ReiseArena and Panorama stages, and two travel cinemas, enabled us to whet visitors' appetites ahead of the upcoming travel season and – quite literally – to open up new horizons.”

Halls C and D were packed with visitors discovering the world’s latest destinations and gathering valuable insider tips. Many visitors seized the opportunity provided by the Ferien-Messe Wien to make concrete travel plans and identify tailor-made offers in face-to-face discussions with travel providers. This special opportunity contributed significantly to the success of the trade fair, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. “Today, the Ferien-Messe Wien is Austria’s most important travel industry platform. As a marketplace, it gives a significant boost to national and international tourism,” summarised Gerald Stainoch, the trade fair’s sales director.

Czech Republic – a multifaceted partner country 

This year's partner country, the Czech Republic, was delighted with its participation. “The Ferien-Messe Wien enabled all twelve of our co-exhibitors to seize opportunities to enter into long-term and sustainable cooperation agreements with B2B partners. We were also able to achieve the targeted marketing of lesser-known destinations and regions within the Czech Republic,” emphasised Roman Hrdina, Czech Tourism’s Director of Tourism for Austria and Switzerland.

The ‘Wohnen & Interieur’ and ‘Wiener Immobilien Messe’ shows were again staged alongside the Ferien-Messe Wien.

Back to January in 2025

“The Ferien-Messe in Vienna is always the key fixture heralding the start of the summer tourism season,” explained Susanne Kraus-Winkler, State Secretary for Tourism at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs at the trade fair opening ceremony. To ensure this pre-season fixture is perfectly timed, in 2025 the Ferien-Messe Wien has been scheduled for the 16th to 19th January. “The organiser is returning to the traditional date at the beginning of the year in response to wishes expressed by the industry,’ says Phillies Ramberger, President of the Austrian Tourism Association. Austria's neighbour Slovenia will be the official partner country at the coming show. 

Key media partner

KURIER Medienhaus will again be the official media partner for the Ferien-Messe Wien in 2024, demonstrating theoretical and practical expertise in the fields of travel, food and drink. Visitors can look forward to exciting presentations, numerous competitions and many sources of inspiration for the holiday season.

TUI was the exclusive presenting partner of the Ferien-Messe Wien this year.
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Emilia Schlögl

From left to right: Gottfried Math, Phillies Ramberger, Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, Manfred Katzenschlager, Susanne Kraus-Winkler, Ivo Sklenitzka, Jan Fluxa
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Emilia Schlögl

Colourful show acts transported the visitors to foreign worlds.
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Tim Bodhi

The Czech Republic presented itself as the partner country of the Ferien-Messe Wien.
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Tim Bodhi

Beauty up close: In Hall D, the Austrian federal states, like Lower Austria, presented their most beautiful holiday and excursion destinations.
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Emilia Schlögl

The rush to the Ferien-messe Wien was huge!
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Tim Bodhi

Slovenia has already been confirmed as the partner country of the Ferien-Messe Wien 2025
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Emilia Schlögl

Visitors were able to taste their way through the world on the "Flavours By Ferien-Messe" stage.
© Ferien-Messe Wien/FRB Media/Tim Bodhi

Exhibitor statements: 

“Sustainable tourism should not focus on short-term profit, but on long-term value creation. We consider improving distribution of the visitor flow to be a major issue. There are some wonderful destinations away from the usual tourist magnets.”

- Manfred Katzenschlager, Managing Director of the WKÖ Federal Tourism and  Leisure Industry Division

“In Austria, one of several forms of certification we award tourist businesses and destinations is the renowned Austrian Ecolabel.”

 - Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, Managing Director of the Austrian Tourist Office (Österreich Werbung)

“Last year 12.1 million arrivals were registered in the Czech Republic. A significant proportion of these guests came from Austria; so it’s a great honour for us to be the partner country at such a large and important trade fair.”

Jan Fluxa, Member of the Czech Government Ministry for Regional Development

“I see a positive future for the industry. This belief has been confirmed by the recovery of tourism after the coronavirus pandemic, and by the number of tourists travelling to the Czech Republic last year.”

Roman Hrdina, Director of Tourism for Czech Tourism for Austria & Switzerland

“Tourism can score with sustainability, and with customised experiences in the regions.”

Žana Marijan, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board

“We see global travel is booming again after the pandemic. Smaller destinations like Azerbaijan are also benefitting from improved conditions, such as new flight connections.”

Florian Sengstschmid, CEO of the Azerbaijan Tourist Board (ATB)

“Intensive discussions at the Ferien-Messe Wien make it clear what guests desire for a perfect holiday on board. The show is also a platform for B2B interaction.”

Franziska Zander, Specialist in Live Communication at AIDA Cruises

“The Ferien-Messe Wien is the largest travel platform in Austria, facilitating direct contact with customers and enabling us to gather precise information from potential customers – in terms of what they are looking for, and which exact holiday destinations they will be visiting. This knowledge is particularly important as it allows us to adapt our sales strategy accordingly.”

Siegfried Schneider, Assistant Manager / Passenger Sales for Austria, Central & Eastern Europe, EVA Air

“The Ferien-Messe Wien 2024 was a great success for us. The visitor response was very positive and we were able to inspire interest in the benefits of visiting Burgenland among a broad cross-section of the public. Demand at the booth was high, and it was pleasing to note the buoyant atmosphere among Burgenland’s exhibitors – and among our guests.”

Didi Tunkel, Managing Director of Burgenland Tourismus GmbH

“It’s essential to discuss issues with the most varied range of guest groups possible. As tourism professionals, direct interaction with – and immediate proximity to – guests at the Ferien-Messe Wien provides us with important feedback – and delivers input for the design of our offerings.”

Mariella Klement-Kapeller (Mag. (FH)), Managing Director of WIENER ALPEN at the Lower Austria Tourist Board, and this year's destination spokesperson.

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